AL Teachers Demand Recount of IU Shapla Forum’s Votes

Kushtia, November 21 (Correspondent/OurVoice): A section of ruling Awami League backed progressive teachers’ alliance of Islamic University in Kushtia demanded recount of votes in its Shapla Forum election.

They made the demand in an immediate response after the election results were announced at around 10:00 pm on Saturday.

The election was held at the Momotaz Building of the university from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm where a total of 30 candidates contested for 15 posts including president and general secretary.

IU Shapla Forum election commissioner Professor Sarwar Murshed declared the votes of 62 voters invalid while announcing the results of the poll.

Many teachers told journalists that a total of 62 personal votes had been canceled which they had never seen in the history of the university.

The session of counting votes was supposed to be live (online) but they did not do that. It was not accepted.  That is why the election results were not acceptable to us, so we have demanded a recount of votes, the teachers said.

Some teachers of the section submitted a written complaint to the election commissioner office seeking recount votes of the election on Sunday around 11:00 am.

Obscurity was noticeable at all levels of elections, IU Shapla Forum incumbent general secretary Professor M Mahbubar Rahman said.

‘We have been introduced to the term of personal vote cancellation for the first time ever,’ Mahbub said.

The election commissioner could not give valid answer to any question but it seemed that they were trying to hide something, he added.

Election commissioner Professor Sarwar Murshed said that they cancelled the personal votes in consultation with the representatives of both the parties.

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