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6 Years Rana Plaza: Solidarity Campaign with Garment Workers 

Foto: NVFF Kampagne/OV

Berlin/Dhaka: From April 22 until June 4, the „No Victims For Fashion!“ campaign offers the possibility to support persecuted garment workers by buying fairly and co-operatively sewed t-shirts or by giving a free amount of one’s choice.
In the aftermath of demands for a higher minimum wage garment workers in Bangladesh are currently facing the harshest wave of repressions since 10 years. More than 11,000 workers have been fired and blacklisted, 69 were temporarily put in jail, and more than 3,000 are now facing false and arbitrary charges.
The solidarity campaign „No Victims For Fashion!“ wants to emphasize that even 6 years after Rana Plaza, the biggest and deadliest factory collapse in the history of the fashion industry, life for garment workers in Bangladesh is still everything but ok. Poverty wages, discrimination, violence and sexual harassment continue to happen on a daily basis.
Through the campaign’s website people can now support the victimized workers by buying fairly sewed t-shirts or by giving a free amount of one’s choice. All surpluses go directly to Bangladesh and will be used for lawyer and court costs of the charged workers. Local cooperation partner in Bangladesh is the National Garment Workers Federation. The designs of the campaign shirts are contributions from various artists and take on the subject in different ways. After the campaign ends the t-shirts will be sewed from organic cotton fabrics by the self-organised and worker-owned Social Cooperative Humana Nova in Croatia.
With the recent and ongoing attacks on the growing number of organized workers and the persecution of especially those who dare to speak out and take action, the situation has reached a new level of escalation. Hence, international solidarity and pressure on multinational corporations who source from Bangladesh are strongly needed. Those responsible in politics and the industry, who frequently are the same persons in Bangladesh, need to feel this pressure and ought to be forced to step back.
“No Victims For Fashion!” is an initiative by dna merch, the Berlin based provider of fair and co-operatively sewed t-shirts. dna merch uses parts of its incomings in support of grassroots workers’ struggles in the global garment industry and has specialized in fundraising through custom solidarity t-shirts.


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